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Tanya B., Electrical Engineer

I am not a physicist so I wouldn’t know how to prove whether Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is true. I accept it because I was taught it at university. But what if it’s not true or only applies in certain situations? I really enjoyed reading this book because it challenges these existing principles of physics

Dr. David A. Corbett’s Self Help Books Online

Dr. David A. Corbett is an accomplished author and haspublished several interesting titles including The Lies of the Land, The Fantasies of Modern Physics, The Bankrupt Australian Health System, and Important Principles of Anaesthesia. Find these educational and self help books online or order your paperback copy on this website.

Dr. David A. Corbett is an experienced anaesthetist turned author with advanced knowledge in a range of different fields. In addition to working as an anaesthetist in several different countries for many years, David has continued to study and build up his knowledge base. Throughout many years of study, David has managed to achieve qualifications in medicine, accounting, finance, investment, and electronic engineering.

Reader reviews have suggested that these educational and self help books have proven to be extremely informative and useful, opening them up to different thoughts and theories. From technical information surrounding anaesthetics to uncovering the Australian health care system, Dr. Corbett is always pushing the envelope when it comes to exploring interesting topics.