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Important Principles of Anaesthesia

The aim of this book is to provide understanding of the important principles of Anaesthesia.The effects of anaesthetics are explained, as are the principles of anaesthesia monitoring. Most books provide detailed information which is often extraneous and cannot be readily applied.

This book ignores the padding so that information can be applied and the Anaesthetist can understand what is happening to his patient during an anaesthetic and the objectives he needs to reach.

It is important to understand how to monitor basic anaesthetic parameters such as blood pressure, pulse, oxygen tensions and awareness. It is also important to know what, when and how to correct any deviations from normal.Monitoring in anaesthesia is explained in depth and this book offers a different approach to other publications.

This is not to provide an exhaustive comprehension of anaesthesia which can be attained from other texts once a basic understanding is absorbed.It is a distillation of the important principles of anaesthesia effects, monitoring and information.

The basics of gas transport, ventilation and endotracheal intubation are explained.

Also included is the application of partition coefficients and logical use of relaxants, which to my knowledge, is not explained in other texts.

The theory and application of physiological ions, chloride shift and acid/base balance is explained – perhaps from a different point of view from that which is generally accepted.

Body temperature seems to attract enormous research time without any particular direction. Here we try to explain why it increases during infection and the basis of malignant hyperpyrexia.

Important Principles of Anaesthesia is a great read for people wanting to uncoveranaesthesia information without unnecessary padding. For a great account of the effects of anaesthetics and anaesthesia monitoring, this is a must read.

Dr David A. Corbett is a specialist anaesthetist with extensive experience working in Australia, Saudi Arabia and the United States. David graduated from Melbourne University in 1964 with a medical degree and has since been continually updating his education.

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